Marc ‘Scramblelock’ Sakalauskas (Canada) took up streetdance in 1998, starting with b-boying. He soon developed a genuine love for hip hop culture and discovered locking in 2000 and began researching the dance intensely.

Scramble has learned from many originators and highly respected dancers in the locking scene. He has won several international locking contests, including Juste Debout USA, Bboy Summit, Freestyle Session, and Battle of the Year and has proven himself a worthy adversary on the international scene and continues to train and compete. Currently in Montreal, Scramble has opened for Arcade Fire and Talib Kweli as well as performing in numerous shows. Scramble has organized various events in Montreal including Unlock The Funk, Canada’s largest locking event. He is also focused on building LockUnity, the Montreal locking community. He travels worldwide to help spread locking and as part of the Locking4Life family continues to develop new outlets and teaching formats for developing lockers.