Marc ‘Scramblelock’ Sakalauskas, originating from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, took up streetdance in 1998 when faced with bullies in high school. Empowered by bboying, Marc soon developed a genuine love for the dance and became fascinated with the roots of Hip hop beats: The Funk. He then discovered Locking in 2000 and began researching both the dance and music intensely.

In order to properly learn Locking, Marc started at the beginning, traveling to learn from many originators and highly respected dancers in the locking scene, including Don “Campbellock” Campbell, Greg Campbellock Jr, Fluky Luke, OG Skeeter Rabbit, Loose Caboose, Richie Rich, Suga Pop, Gemini, Flo Master and many others. Having won several international locking contests, including the Bboy Summit, Freestyle Session, Bust-A-Move and Battle of the Year, Marc has proven himself a worthy adversary on the international scene and continues to train and compete. He is constantly challenging himself to evolve, and his style is known for a precision and musicality that only comes from dedicated training and a passion for The Funk. Since relocating to Montreal, a hotbed for dancers and music, Marc has appeared at various events, including opening for the famous rapper Talib Kweli and performing at several Adidas fashion shows. A real patron of dance, Marc has organized various events for the Montreal and Toronto dance community, including the Locking 4 Life Canada Tour, Steel City Cyphurs, Family Affair and The Hippest Trip, as well as weekly funk nights in several Montreal clubs. Marc enjoys teaching, imparting detailed knowledge on the foundation, music and history of Locking, as well as instructing his students how they must apply their own innovations and personal flavor to the dance form.