Scramblelock & Lockunity presents:



Saturday October 27 2012
Urban Element Dance Studio
910 Jean Talon E
Montreal, QC, Canada

Locking: 2-3pm $20
Rhythm Nation Choreography: 3:30-5:30pm – $25
Combo (Both workshops): $40

(514) 975-9430

Anthony will also be judging the 1on1 Locking battle at Shut Up & Dance on Sunday October 28


Discovered by Janet Jackson in his early 20’s, Anthony Thomas was catapulted to worldwide fame for his groundbreaking choreography on Jacksons, Rhythm Nation 1814 album. An overnight sensation, Thomas’ Rhythm Nation 1814 tele-musical won a Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video, MTV’s Music Award for Best Choreography and the MTV Vanguard Award. The video is ranked on MTV and VH1’s lists of Greatest 100 Videos of all time. His innovative gift of versatility and physical rhythm, earned him an honored place in music history when he combined popping and locking for the first time. The marriage of these two forms of street dance changed the direction of hip hop and created a standard of excellence in the world that has yet to be matched since Rhythm Nation.

20 years after Rhythm Nation, Anthony Thomas remains at the top of his game teaching popping and locking at premiere dance studios in Los Angeles and abroad to some of the best dancers in the world. Each year, hundreds of students flock to his classes in hopes of gaining a piece of hip hop history and to study under the living legend himself. He continues to work as a choreographer with artists here in the US and internationally.

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