Every year Bust-A-Move takes place in Montreal, the event continues to grow and the energy among the dancers is always incredible! This year locking was well represented!

Toni Basil was the guest locking judge for the 1on1 battle. She had many good things to say in her workshop. Here is her judge demo:

As for the battles, two of the best battles of the night were:

M&M vs Ingenious Lockers

Scramblelock & Boombeast vs Treklock & Kim Sato

Here is the final battle between Boombeast and myself vs Pyro and Cantolock from Toronto.

Toni even got down with us at the end of the finals!











Big up to my partner, Boombeast. We had a good vibe together, keeping it cool!

Shoutout to all the lockers who came to BAM this year including the Homeland peeps from LA. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver lockers came in big numbers. Locking in Canada is growing!

Thank you Spicey for allowing BAM to happen every year and for supporting the locking scene.

Hope to see more out of towners in 2014!!!