I wanted to do a special post after this year’s edition of Bust-A-Move.

BAM celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary in Montreal this May and there was a great deal of competitors who signed up for the 1-on-1 locking category. What made the battle entertaining this year was every competitor brought a different flavour to the contest and with it, a different look. I wanted to focus this post on the fashion of some of the lockers at Bust-A-Move.

Presentation is everything in a battle and it’s also a sign of confidence. I personally feel if you are going to enter a battle and bring a certain vibe, you should also dress the part. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will win, but it certainly enhances the overall experience for those entering and watching, plus it can make you feel good about yourself.

So let’s see what the lockers were wearing!

Boombeast (Montreal)

IMG_2673 copy

Hat – HUF, Thailand (15$)
Shirt – Traditional Cambodian design (20$)
Jeans – Levis  (50$)
Shoes – Pumas (50$)

Apachapoulilock (Montreal)

IMG_2674 copy

Shirt – Traditional African shirt – Made by my mother in Togo, Africa
Pants – Material from Germany and tailored in Togo, Africa (10 Euro)
Shoes – Hush Puppies bought in Japan ($50)

Maya (Japan)

IMG_2680 copy

Hat – Got it from friend in Japan
Earrings – Night Market, Thailand ($3)
Necklace – Tubur (The brand of Japanese popper, Sacche), Japan ($15)
Shirt – AZUL by Moussy, Japan ($50)
Vest – H&M, Japan ($40)
Pants – Used clothing shop in Kensington Market, Toronto ($30)
Shoes – Adidas store, Toronto ($110)

Kilawatts (New York)

IMG_2675 copy

Most of the Locking pieces I found while Shock-a-lock gave me a tour in NYC. He showed me some great places where he finds some of his pieces. After that tour, I was hooked, and kept an eye out for different combinations and variations
Shirt – Trash and Vaudeville in the East village, NYC ($40) www.trashandvaudeville.com/
Vest – Burlington Coat Factory, NYC ($20)
Hat – JJ Hat’s in Manhattan, NYC ($70) http://www.jjhatcenter.com/
Suspenders – Thrift Shopping in Brooklyn ($10) 
Pants – These are 3XL Drawstring Nursing Pants, found at a Nursing Supply Store in Brooklyn – ($10)
Socks – Sock Man Store in the East Village, NYC  ($7.50) www.thesockman.com/
Shoes – Converse Chuck Taylor – Gift from working an event with Converse Rubber tracks. It’s a free recording studio that allows musicians to record for free, AND gives them free shoes. What!

Groovinh (Montreal)

IMG_2678 copy

Hat – H&M, Montreal ($25). I initiallly bought it for BAM 9.
Flower shirt – ($5). My girlfriend bought it for me a couple of years ago for a Hawaiian party.
Pants – Mexx, Montreal ($5). I was looking for dress pants for On Point! (Locking battle) and Mexx had them on sale the day they closed the shop. They cost me 5$, but they are worth 60$!
Shoes – Footlocker, Montreal ($90)

Debbie (Vancouver)

IMG_2681 copy

Pants – H&M, Mexico City ($40)
Shirt – Eva B, Montreal ($10)
Shoes – Vans, Vancouver ($45)

Key Lock (Toronto)

IMG_2687 copy
Fedora – Got it from a random gift shop in London, UK. (25 pounds)
Bowtie – Honest Eds, Toronto ($2)
Denim button-up shirt – Gift
Plaid pants – Topman ($17)
Two-tone shoes – Wanted something with a Hush Puppies feel for a performance. Found them at Shoe Company, Toronto ($40)

Boris (Vancouver)

IMG_2694 copy

Hat – Groovy Gentlemen camo hat ($30). The Groovy G’s are the oldest popping crew in Vancouver. They were the first to really teach and do events around here. They also had a clothing brand that lasted for 2-3 years.
Shirt – Vancity Lockers ($35) – specially designed by Niksone.
Pants – Adidas jean sweats. I don’t know how much they cost, I got them as a present when I was leaving France a couple years ago.
Shoes – Adidas Kobenhavens (not shown) Good shoes, light, good cushion. We need that around Vancouver since practicing at Robson Square means you are dancing on concrete all the time!

Mad Max (Boston, USA) – BAM 2015  2nd Place

IMG_2676 copy
Dress shirt – Forever21 ($20)
White pants – Uniqlo ($25)
Shoes – Step Crew Taiwan ($45)
The story behind the outfit is that I wanted to portray the 台客(tai kuh) which describes a stereotypical Taiwanese person. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, disco was very popular in Taiwan and everyone wore very disco-ish clothes. This outfit is basically a shoutout to my taiwanese heritage.

Lady C (Calgary) – BAM 2015 Winner

IMG_2689 copy
Shirt – Value Village, Calgary ($10) Every time I’ve battled in this shirt I’ve done really well so I suppose it’s kinda lucky.
Hat – H&M, Toronto ($25)
Sweatpants – H&M, Toronto ($10)
Shoes – (not shown) Adidas Gazelles – Adidas store, Toronto ($60) – I wanted Gazelles so bad but refused to pay full price so I waited for the friends and family sale and stood in line for over an hour to save $40!

Some pretty fresh outfits!

Big shoutout to all the lockers who were part of Bust-A-Move this year. Here’s a great photo from Day 1 of everyone.


Also congrats to Lady C for winning the Locking battle. You can check the final battle below as well as the judge demo of Adesola, this year’s Locking judge. See you next year at BAM!

BAM 2015 – Locking Final: Mad Max vs Lady C

BAM 2015 – Adesola – Locking Judge Demo