One of Montreal’s top annual bboy events took place this past November called “Can I Get A Soul Clap?” organized by Bboy Tricky Flow of Studio Diss Torsion

It’s always a great event and the bboy battles are high level. This year the organizer also set up a 3on3 All Styles Battle in addition to the 5on5 bboy crew battle.

I teamed up with Boombeast and Atn and we called ourselves “Willy Wonka Chocolate Funky Milkshake”
It was a chance to relax and have fun in a battle situation as well as vibe out to some different music. We ended up winning the battle against C-Pop, Jigsaw and DKC (a Montreal OG!) Big ups to everyone involved in this event. Shoutout to Sweet Technique for winning the bboy battle too. Special mention to for the pics!


Included below is the all styles final as well as the bboy final battles. Enjoy!