This section is dedicated to the friends, family and teachers who have helped me along the way and continue to motivate me.

To my teachers: Don “Campbellock” Campbell: The Creator of Locking, Greg Campbellock Jr. (RIP), OG Skeeter Rabbit, Tony Go Go, Fluky Luke, Richie Rich, Loose Caboose, Gemini, Flo Master, Suga Pop, Fantastic Poppers and Frank Boogie, I am very greatful to all of you.

I’d like to give shout outs to all the other dancers who have influenced me in some way: Scooby Doo, Mr Pengiun (RIP), Shabbadoo, EB Skeet (RIP), Slim the Robot, Peek-A-Boo, Toni Basil, Boogaloo Sam, Poppin Pete, Mr Wiggles, Jazzy J, Anthony Thomas, Tornado, Adesola, Klown, Shallow, Sugar Foot, Pat Cesar, Jimmy Williams, Tony Three, Disco Dave, Jr. Boogaloo, Licorice Lloydd, Boogaloo Storm, Neo Boog, Bonez, Funk Mystic, Sirreal, Popsikal Pete, Loose Canon, Lockadelic, Fon, Treklock, Boombeast, Quantalock, Apachapoulilock, Lounes, LockUnity, Baby L, Funky Miko, Monstapop, Venom, 2 Marvelous, Sam I Am, Namo, Locking Sun, Groovy G’s, Boris Khramstov, Kim Sato, LMC Lockers, Firelock, Hurricane, Shock-a-lock, Tash, Sundance, Mikey Disko, Shyguy, Ill Kosby, Lockin Fossil (RIP), Rick Slade, Bag of Trix, Boogie Brats, Supernaturalz, RBP/MEC/FAM, Ground Illusionz, Stylordz, Canadian Floor Masters, Treble, Tabu, Lazy Legz, Flow Rock, Fresh Format, Rubber Soulz and my bboy crew: Illmask.

A special shout out to Son of S.O.U.L., Alan Cross, Frank BLVD, Cholo B, We Funk Radio, Ruby Jane and all the Toronto and Montreal funk DJs who have been a huge influence.

Thank you!