The artist I’m featuring in this instalment of “Flashlight” is not Canadian, but he has made a strong connection with the Montreal scene. I’m talking about TEMU!

Temu Bacot is an award winning singer, dancer, producer, musician and all around entertainer. He was born in New York City to a family of the arts. Watching Temu perform, he moves effortlessly from mellow soul to raged-filled raps, from talk-box p-funk to sophisticated ballads – covering an astonishingly varied musical landscape in performances that are tightly focused, yet warm and intensely human. Nonetheless, whether listening or watching, be prepared for a journey into the dimension of awe.


Temu was in Montreal in January. He came to the WEFUNK Radio studios and performed a talkbox cover of Stevie Wonder’s “That Girl”
Shoutout to Voyage Funktastique for making it all happen!

Below is the recap video of that performance I filmed and edited.