The R16 USA qualifier: Homecoming, was organized by Mikey Disco in LA this June. I decided to go out and test my skill in the hopes of finally getting to Korea (after 2 other missed opportunities). Unfortunately I didn’t win but this is what this game is all about. Winning, losing and learning from both situations. Respect to Shyguy for the win, he better rep hard in Korea! Here is my battle with Shyguy.

Scramblelock vs Shyguy

I’ve also posted a video of one of the many locking cyphers that took place at this event. Many people get so caught up in contests that when it comes time for the circles, they just can’t hang. Much respect to everyone who held it down in the cypher and a special shoutout to Slim the Robot (The Lockers) who came out to support and share with all of us!

Locking Cypher at Homecoming 2010