It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Prince. His music was always perfect for locking and I knew a fair number of his more popular tracks. But in 2011, after seeing him live for the first time in Montreal (where he performed for 5 1/2 half hours and did about 7 encores) I became hooked. Prince has so much music he is basically a genre all on his own!

I was deeply saddened and shocked when I learned of his passing on April 21, exactly one month from when I saw him live for the Piano & Microphone Tour (and the electric after party) that happened in March in Montreal.

As a tribute to the Purple One, Locking4Life released a new video dedicated to Prince. I had a lot of fun editing all the great footage of Prince and put something together I know his fans would enjoy. Guess it’s my way of saying thank you for all that you shared with the world Prince!



Locking4Life presents: HOUSEQUAKE
A tribute to PRINCE

Directed by: Gemini
Edited by: Scramblelock
Titles by: Priska