After 3 months of serious training, myself and Treklock traveled to France to compete at this year’s Juste Debout in Paris, France. The road to get there was tough and involved a lot of late nights practicing but in the end it was totally worth it!

During the Paris preselections at Hotel de Ville, 5 teams were picked to advance to the competition the next day at Bercy. Me and Trek were selected along with Loic and Manu (France), another team from France, Shuffle (Japan) and another Japanese team.

Hotel de Ville (Day 1)

Scramble & Trek

The next day at Bercy stadium we made it to the semi-finals (Top 4) and did our best to represent Canada in the locking battle!

Bercy Stadium (Day 2)

Scramble & Trek in Action!

Every street dancer needs to get to Juste Debout at some point, it is definetly the BIGGEST street dance event in the world.

Much respect to all the lockers who came from around the world.

Respect to the judges: Gemini, Gucchon, Ejoe and Sho-tyme

Much thanks to the Montreal street dance community: especially Boombeast, MonstaPop, Miko, Sam, Pathana, Nene, Ebony, Ali, Regis and Urban Element for all their support. Also a special thanks to Richie Rich who has supported me and Trek from day 1! We’ll get ’em next year!!!!