I was recently contacted by a young locker from Kyrgyzstan I met previously in Russia during the “Locking Up” event in 2011 named Jan Funky. He told me he was going to NYC and was looking for a partner for the locking contest at Juste Debout happening this year in New York City.

I decided to head down and enter the battle with him. For just 15 years old, this young locking protege is certainly on the comeup and has a bright future ahead of him in the streetdance scene.

We made it to the locking finals together but lost to Riot and Glytch of the Hood Lockers from Philadelphia. Congrats to you guys still!

It was a pleasure working with Jan and I hope we can enter a battle together again sometime soon!

Also, big shoutout to DISCO DAVE, DEE-ROCK & SHAKEY SHAKE. 3 lockers from NYC who have been repping for a long time. Much respect!


Here is the footage from our battles at JD USA 2013

FINALS: Scramblelock & Jan Funky vs Glytch & Riot

SEMI-FINALS: Scramblelock & Jan Funky vs Killawatts & Bknown

QUARTER FINALS: Scramblelock & Jan Funky vs Mad Max & Qinran