At the end of November I went to Taiwan for a weekend trip, yes a weekend trip. In July I won the locking battle at Step Ya Game Up in NYC and one of the prizes was a trip to Taiwan to compete in Kaohsiung at the Lock City 2014 1on1 Finals. Through the year there were preliminary battles in various cities around Asia (Osaka, Kagoshima, Daegu, Seoul, Manilla, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Okinawa) and in New York.

It was great to head back to Taiwan, one of my favourite countries in Asia. There are so many lockers out there. Over 150 entered the qualifications on the first day!

Taiwan is also awesome particularly for the food (like the famous Beef Noodle Soup, for example) and the popular night markets!


It was also nice to reconnect with a lot of my friends from various cities while we were all in the same place.


The locking battles were pretty exciting. There were some good competitors and some new talent too. I made it to the semi-finals. Big shout out to Carter (Hong Kong), Hana (Japan) and Hwa (Korea) who I got battle. You can check the battle footage below.

Big shoutout to BUDDHA STRETCH for the opportunity to go to Taiwan and a special thanks to AGA, the Lock City organizer, for the amazing work he did for the event. Lock City 2015 finals will be in Singapore. Hope to see you there!