A locking/krumping tag-team battle was organized for a special Halloween edition event at Urban Element in Montreal.

Each dancer danced to their own respective style of music, but in the finals the music switched.

I was excited to judge along with Maddripp, a Krumper from France.

The battles were really hype and the music was fresh (courtesy of DJ Ruby Jane)

Congrats to Treklock & Taminator for the win!

Thank you Cindy “Goldylocks McAuliffe for always giving lockers in this city an outlet to battle and for giving the love and support needed to help our scene grow!

Check my judge demo below (I was dressed as the McDonald’s Hamburglar and threw a tray of Hamburgers at the end of my set!!!)

Finals – Boombeast & 7Starr vs Treklock & Taminator
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Playlist of other battles from the event