On Point! is the first “Locking Only” event in Montreal and the 2nd annual edition of this event was held in March. It featured locking showcase, a locking vs krumping exhibition battle and a 1on1 contest. Lounes was a special battle guest from France. Tash was the guest judge for the battle. Big ups to Kenini & The Concordia Street Dancers for doing a great job. Check the recap below.

I also participated in a Locking vs Krumping exhibition battle against 7Starr, one of Montreal’s leading Krumpers. It was a great exchange and I have lots of respect for the Krumpers, considering that dance originated in the same city as locking (Watts, California). Here is the full battle!

Much respect to 7Starr and the Montreal Krump community!

In the 1on1 the final battle was Treklock vs Boombeast. It was an entertaining battle and Trek took the win. Congrats!
If you want to see the rest of the battle footage, here is the full playlist.

Big up to Tash, who laid the foundation for locking in Montreal. The lockers here are doing our best to keep the legacy going strong!