On Point! Locking Battle was organized by Kenini (Lockunity) and the Concordia Street Dance group. It was the first LOCKING ONLY event in Montreal and the second in Canada. (The goes to Pyro from Toronto for his event “A Lock To Remember” that happened in 2014)

I’m proud to see how much the scene has grown in Montreal since I moved there in 2006. To be able to have our own event is a special achievement. Much thanks to all those in the scene that have helped locking in Montreal grow to this point including, Tash, Boot Camp Pat, Spicey, Goldylocks, DKC, Fon and the entire Lockunity family! Not to mention all the lockers from across Canada and the USA who have supported locking events in the past.

As for On Point, the event was very hype and there were some excellent battles. The level is rising. This was the final battle of the night. Scramble vs Trek for like the 6th time! The Montreal classic!

Shoutout to Lady C who judged the event.

To see all the other battles of the night be sure to check the On Point playlist here: