For the 2nd time in under one year I have been fortunate enough to visit different parts of Asia for dancing. Last August I spent one month in Japan. This year I decided to do a larger tour of Asia and visited Japan, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan.

The first half of the trip was more teaching focused and I taught locking workshops in 4 cities in Japan: Osaka, Kyoto, Nagano and Tokyo as shown in the photos below!





Osaka workshop at Studio A-Sh

Kyoto workshop at Studio B-Tribe


Matsumoto (Nagano) Workshop


Tokyo Workshop


Following Japan, I headed to Bangkok, Thailand to meet up with my old locking partner, Loose Canon. I taught two other classes there and also got down at some slamming Funk/Hip Hop parties!













Bangkok Workshop 1


Bangkok Workshop 2

The second half of the trip was more contest/battle oriented. In Korea, I judged a small 1on1 locking battle in Seoul (see trailer below) but also participated in (and won!) a 7 to Smoke locking battle with some of Seoul’s upcoming lockers including: Locking Luna, Moon, UBong, Young Green, Hwa, Rodeng and Chakai (Japan).

A few days later I participated in Feel The Funk Vol 8 and made it to the semi-finals in the 1on1 Locking battle. Here are two battles from that event. The first vs Yo-suke from Japan and the 2nd from Locking Moon (Originality)

From Seoul, it was off to Taipei, Taiwan. I spent my time with the lockers from IP and TBC. We practiced, chilled and I also entered another 1on1 Locking Battle. Once again, I made it to the semi-finals and had some great battles with some dope Taipei dancers!

A lot of amazing moments happened on this tour, too many to mention. You can always check the photo albums on my Facebook page for a little more insight and inspiration on this year’s adventure. Much love and thanks to all the people I met along the way who made this trip so memorable. Special shoutouts to Yukari, Kei, Chibiyuri, Daisuke, Michael Chau, Momodelic, Kenji, Takashi, Loose Canon, Nay Nay, Jesterlock, Regulus, Rory Roketto, Nicky Short, Ben, Woong, Eun, Mong, Moon, Darkhorse, Cosmic Slop, Lipstickal Funk, Lock’n’LoL, Chakai, Khan, Yaobai, Clio, Leo, Serp, QTB, Win, Atoh, Bambi, Anya, Mikey Locker, A-Wei, Lion and a special shoutout to my man Chaz (Groovmekanex) who took care of me on a very unexpected layover in San Francisco on my way home!

It’s been a great funk ride out east!
All around the world for the funk!