Dance Workshops

Scramble has taught locking workshops all around the world! His classes are informative, exciting, interactive and fun. Scramble’s teaching style is easy to follow and he is welcoming of students of all levels. Expect to hear fresh music in class and always good vibes!

Education Programs

Since 2010, Scramble has been offering Hip Hop education courses at Place Cartier Adult Centre in Montreal, Canada. His program, entitled “One Nation Under A Groove”, is a dynamic curriculum that can be adapted to any group of students. Promoting the values of Hip Hop culture: “peace, unity, love & having fun” his course explores various topics within the classroom. Students are evaluated and also required to give back to the school community by organizing a Hip Hop Jam at the end of the semester.

Course Content

– New Orleans, jazz, tap
– Civil Rights & activism
– Funk & soul music
– Locking, popping, b-boying
– Graffiti art
– DJing & turntablism
– MCing, poetry & spoken word 
– Workshops
– Field trips
– Special guests
– Assignments & presentations
– Final exam

Battle Guest

Battles are a test of skill and exchange with other opponents. Scramble has had a love for battles for as long as he has been dancing both in bboying and locking. There is a thrill and excitement that comes from battling. It is a form of expression.

Win or lose, it’s always about doing your best and trying to improve for the next battle while maintaining respect for your opponent.

Whether in big contests (like Juste Debout or UK Champs) or more intimate events, Scramble brings a high level to the competition and his personality, spontanaeity and performance is sure to please.

Contest Judge

With over 17 years experience in street dance (bboying & locking) Scramble takes judging contests of all levels very seriously. It’s a big responsibility to sit in the judges seat and Scramble approaches judging with a high degree of professionalism, wisdom and objectivity.