March and April were definetely transition months. With winter finally over and summer just around the corner, I spent some time on a mini-teaching tour across Ontario and Quebec teaching the basics of locking in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa (See pics below, sorry no MTL photo)


Scramblelock Workshop in Toronto (April 2010)


Scramblelock Workshop in Ottawa (April 2010)


With a couple of big contests coming up, I’m keeping up the training and preparing for what looks to be a really fun season! Until my next post I’d like to share an important video message care of Richie Rich, an old school locker from Los Angeles. He’s one of my teachers and mentors and I have a lot of respect for him because he’s not afraid to tell it like it is! He’s posted two videos entitled “Richie Rich on Locking” in which he discusses some serious issues in the locking world today, so check it out!


Richie Rich on Locking: Part 1


Richie Rich on Locking: Part 2