Every summer Buddha Stretch from Elite Force/ MopTop throws a dance event in New York City. The first one was way back in 2007 and it was one of the first locking battles I went to in NYC. Hilty & Bosch (Japan) were special guests that year and I even got to battle Jin. Trek made it all the way to the finals and ended up having to battle both Jin & Yu. It was a great event and I returned in 2008 and 2009.

I still tried to reach NYC every year after that for other events like the House Dance Conference, Juste Debout, etc. This year I decided it was time to go back for SYGU. Not just for the battle, but also to connect with the lockers that always show up. The East Coast locking scene has been steadily growing but its hard for all the scenes to get together. SYGU is a perfect opportunity!

I also got word Loose Caboose was a judge and he is someone I really respect and has shared a lot with me. I felt it was my duty to go and see him again. The last time we saw each other was in 2011.

Locking contests in NYC have always been a big challenge for me. I usually only ever make it to the 1st or 2nd round of the battles. This year I wanted to bring a different vibe and see what happens

Well I ended up winning the battle this year. There were some great lockers I battled and I have lots of respect for what they are doing. It was also quite the surprise to find out that I qualified for the LOCK CITY Finals that will be going down in Taiwan in November!!

It was very motivating to see all the lockers from the various scenes across the USA come out. Boston, DC, Philly, NYC, SF and Montreal and Toronto all have small scenes for locking. When we all get together it makes me really proud to see how strong the locking is on the East Coast and gives me hope for the future of locking in North America!

Shoutout to all the lockers I met over the weekend!
Fire, Lil B, Cherron, Killawatts, Frost, Riot, Glytch and all the Hood Lockers, Gate the Monster, Riceball, Disco Dave, Jazzy J, Adesola, Kevin, Conchristador, D-Rock, Lock Tan, Mad Max, Zebra Pants, Dam, Kon the Funk, Dassy, Uko, and of course Loose Caboose and Buddha Stretch!

So here are some videos from the battles
I also managed to give out some Locking4Life tshirts to a few NYC lockers who I respect and have been holding it down for locking in NYC. Check them all out below! Until next year, “Go Hard or Go Home”!


Lock Tan (Korea), Killawatts (NYC), Lil B (San Fran), Kevin (NYC), Conchristador (NYC), Scramble & Cherron (Singapore)

Buddha Stretch, Adesola, Jazzy J and Disco Dave all rocking the Locking4Life Shield Tee!

Loose Caboose rocking the Locking4Life Tee!

Was honoured to be part of Caboose’s judge demo! Housequake!!!

The SYGU 2014 winners!

Loose Caboose Demo

Scramble vs Lock Tan (Korea)

SEMI FINAL – Scramble vs Riot (Philly)

FINALS – Scramble vs Lil B vs Glytch