In 2002, I was shown a tape of The Lockers for the first time and I said to myself, “I need to learn this dance!” I fell in love with locking and over the years I was fortunate enough to have traveled to California and meet all but one of the members of The Lockers: Don Campbellock Campbell, Greg Campbellock Jr (RIP), Fluky Luke, Slim the Robot, Toni Basil, Tony Go Go and Shabba Doo. Fred Berry (RIP) was the only member of the Lockers I never got to meet, but it was his passing that motivated me to take this dance more seriously and study it deeper. Wish I had a chance to thank him!

Thought it would be fitting to create a dedication post for The Lockers. Thank you Don for creating this dance and The Lockers for passing this dance on to others, literally breaking many racial barriers, inspiring people all over the world and being true pioneers of street dance! (There are many other lockers from different generations that have inspired me and I will be doing dedication posts for them as well)

Here are some of my favourite performances of the Fabulous Lockers!

Soul Train: 1st appearance

Soul Train: 2nd appearance (This was the first clip I ever saw of the Lockers!!!)

Saturday Night Live

Carol Burnett Show (as the Campbellock Dancers: Their 1st TV appearance!)

Doris Day Special

Berkley University

Playboy Awards

Saturday Celebration Pilot on NBC
Part 1:

Part 2:


What’s Happening

Schlitz Malt Liquor Commercial

Saturday Night Live – Swan Lake

Dick Van Dyke Show (Last official performance as the Lockers)

Much love to The Lockers!!!!!!!!!!!!!