LOCKUNITY: Montreal's Locking Community

Who We Are

Lockunity is a community of lockers in Montreal. It is a collective of like-minded artists who are passionate about the locking dance form and strive to build an active and healthy scene for locking in Montreal through weekly practices, classes, events, performances and battles.


Originally founded in 2007 by Montreal’s Boot Camp Pat, Lockunity brought together all of the city’s lockers at the time. The group was a hybrid of TM LOC, a locking group established by Tash & Boot Camp Pat (with members: Spicey, Boombeast, Treklock, Chilly & Goldylocks) a few years prior, and newer lockers to the scene including: Scramblelock, Shash’U and Funky Miko. The group did several performances at local events including Hip Hop International Canada 2007 and Bust A Move 2008.

In 2010 Lockunity took on a new form with a more defined purpose. Under the direction of Scramblelock, Boombeast and Treklock weekly locking practices were held at Urban Element dance studio. Many dancers gravitated to these practices because of the positive energy and growth observed. By 2012, Lockunity became a diverse collective of lockers of all backgrounds. Today, Lockunity continues to perform, battle and teach and has garnered the attention of the worldwide locking community. Lockunity is an example of how a city’s locking scene can develop and inspire others!

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